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Download the free PDF copy of the chart I used for “Gimme That Wine” by the the great vocal group Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. Here I am performing the chart with The Dynamic Les DeMerle Jazz Quartet at Day 2 of the Amelia Island Jazz Festival.

Download the free PDF 2 page chart transcription

Download the free PDF copy of the 6 bar drum transcription excerpt of Ben Riley’s brush solo that starts at 00:26 seconds of the YouTube video which is entitled “Ben Riley Drum Solo #6 - Live 66”. There are several empty bars below the transcription for those who would like to transcribe other parts of Ben’s solo. Be inspired and enjoy Ben Riley’s truly hip drumming.

YouTube - Ben Riley - 1966

Download the free PDF transcription page



Download the free PDF copy of the 16 bar drum transcription of Louie’s swingin’ drum solo that starts at 00:37 seconds of the YouTube video which is entitled “LOUIE BELLSON, drum clinic, 1991 Front row, clear snare view”.

YouTube - Louie Bellson Drum Clinic 1991

Download the free PDF transcription page



Here's a transcription I recently did after watching a YouTube video with jazz great Jeff Hamilton fronting his trio at Jazz At Port Townsend. The transcription starts at 16:04 of the video. A great example of Jeff's emphasis on melody during his brush solo. Starting on bar 4, note how Jeff creates a hemiola motif and the re-orchestrates it. Very tastefully done.

YouTube - Jazz At Port Townsend

Download the free PDF transcription page


For my YouTube channel video at "drummersmrc" entitled "Gary, Mel and Jack" is the PDF file with transcriptions of a Latin Groove played by Gary Novak, Swing Phrasing by Mel Lewis and a Nice Pattern by Jack DeJohnette. Give these transcriptions a try.



Louie Bellson is featured in a YouTube video entitled "Louie Bellson solo. 1967" posted by erwigfilms. I've transcribed 21 bars of his drum solo which will give an insight into how he sticks the figures. You'll notice the 1st two eighth notes of the 5th bar are for the floor tom followed by the snare.

Both notes are struck with the right stick. This is done by striking the floor tom with your right hand in an almost upside down position, then whipping the stick around to the snare drum by turning your wrist.

This is a classic Louie Bellson move that many of the drummers from the Big Band/Swing Area would use including Buddy Rich and Jake Hanna

Download the free PDF transcription page


YouTube - Louie Bellson solo. 1967

(minutes 4:35 to 4:51)

Quincy Davis has a video on his YouTube channel entitled "Q-Tip Jazz Drummer Lesson of the Week: Brush Essentials!" The brush transcription starts at minute 9:27 of the video and this pattern has become invaluable to me for ballads. You can see me use this pattern on my YouTube video entitled "Jazz Brushes / part 3".

Download the free PDF transcription page


Steve Gadd popularized the Mozambique beat on recordings such as "My Spanish Heart" by Chick Corea. On the recording of "Seven Steps To Heaven" from the Ben Sidran album entitled "The Cat And The Hat", Steve plays his signature cowbell pattern. At 2:43 minutes into the track he plays a nice fill which seamlessly fits within the pattern he's playing.

Art Taylor recorded Monk & Klook's tune "Epistrophy" in 1960 for his album entitled "AT's Delight". At 4:51 minutes AT, as he was known, launches into a beautifully melodic drum solo. I chose the first four bars of the solo to transcribe because of his use of the Hi-Hat to divide the melody he plays on the snare and rack tom.

Download the free PDF transcriptions page