Quincy Davis has a video on his YouTube channel entitled "Q-Tip Jazz Drummer Lesson of the Week: Brush Essentials!" in which he demonstrates a Slow Ballad pattern over 8 bars at 55 BPM.  I've transcribed that portion of the video that starts at minute 9:25 but you'll also want to catch his commentary before the demonstration begins.

Download the free PDF transcription page


Steve Gadd popularized the Mozambique beat on recordings such as "My Spanish Heart" by Chick Corea. On the recording of "Seven Steps To Heaven" from the Ben Sidran album entitled "The Cat And The Hat", Steve plays his signature cowbell pattern. At 2:43 minutes into the track he plays a nice fill which seamlessly fits within the pattern he's playing.

Art Taylor recorded Monk & Klook's tune "Epistrophy" in 1960 for his album entitled "AT's Delight". At 4:51 minutes AT, as he was known, launches into a beautifully melodic drum solo. I chose the first four bars of the solo to transcribe because of his use of the Hi-Hat to divide the melody he plays on the snare and rack tom.

Download the free PDF transcriptions page